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A custom piece of music composed for someone special

LoveNotes Music

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Musical works based on a person's qualities and character traits

Consider the attributes that best describe your special someone. Are they creative, humorous, energetic, mischievous, quirky or perhaps a bit spicy? Do they enjoy mysteries, hiking, gardening, or salsa dancing? Are they a dreamer, a patriot, or maybe an animal-lover? Our team of composers will create a customized piece of music based on the character traits, hobbies, and interests of the recipient.


How it works

Send us the first name of the recipient and a list of their attributes. Include things like character qualities, interests, hobbies, and favorite genres in entertainment.  We will match you with the composer who best fits the task based on the list you provide.

Once the piece is finished (1-2 Weeks), You will receive a PDF of the sheet music as well as an audio file of the piece.


In addition to personalized compositions, we also offer general compositions for weddings, anniversaries,  sympathy, and remembrance gifts.

meet our team

of talented Composers

TAYLOR has loved performing and music from an early age. Following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, she holds a BA degree in Music Composition from UCSB College of Creative Studies, a K-12 teaching credential in music, and owns and operates a music school where she teaches piano, voice, harp, and  music composition. Taylor has composed hundreds of pieces, including children's musicals, pantomimes, string quartets, and a ballet.

SHAWNA began piano and violin studies as a child. She played violin with the local youth symphony for many years, with BJU Symphonic Orchestra during her college years, and with the San Luis Obispo Chamber Orchestra for over a decade. In 2004 she began studying the harp and fell in love with the instrument.  Shawna has been teaching private music lessons for over 20 years and specializes in composing pieces for violin, harp, and piano.

JONATHAN is a professional studio musician, composer, and producer. As an instrumentalist, he has recorded and produced various albums for Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Lifeway, Family Christian, and Parable Music Stores. Jonathan has been a member of several bands including NewFire, FFH, and The Henningsens.