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Fill out the order form below, selecting the qualities of the recipient that you feel should be highlighted in the piece. Next, you may add any additional relevant information about the recipient  in the text box and click "submit." Finally, pay through PayPal using the button below. If you are requesting a LoveNote for an occasion, simply check "Sympathy,"  "Anniversary," or "Wedding."

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Includes 1-2 pages of music (PDF) and an audio recording (WAV).

LoveNotes Music maintains all copyrights to compositions and recordings.

Price: $149

IMPORTANT! Once you have submitted your request, use the "Pay Now" button below to complete your transaction. You will be contacted with a confirmation shortly. Please note that each LoveNote takes 1-2 weeks to complete as we are composing unique pieces from scratch.

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After you have submitted your order, please have a look at some of our gallery of craft ideas, or browse our gifts page and we'll make a hand-crafted gift for you!